Class SubRecord

    • Method Detail

      • createSubRecord

        public static SubRecord createSubRecord​(LittleEndianInput in,
                                                int cmoOt)
        read a sub-record from the supplied stream
        in - the stream to read from
        cmoOt - the objectType field of the containing CommonObjectDataSubRecord, we need it to propagate to next sub-records as it defines what data follows
        the created sub-record
      • serialize

        public byte[] serialize()
      • isTerminating

        public boolean isTerminating()
        Whether this record terminates the sub-record stream. There are two cases when this method must be overridden and return true - EndSubRecord (sid = 0x00) - LbsDataSubRecord (sid = 0x12)
        whether this record is the last in the sub-record stream