Class ChartSubstreamRecordAggregate

  • public final class ChartSubstreamRecordAggregate
    extends RecordAggregate
    Manages the all the records associated with a chart sub-stream.

    Includes the initial BOFRecord and final EOFRecord.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ChartSubstreamRecordAggregate

        public ChartSubstreamRecordAggregate​(RecordStream rs)
    • Method Detail

      • visitContainedRecords

        public void visitContainedRecords​(RecordAggregate.RecordVisitor rv)
        Description copied from class: RecordAggregate
        Visit each of the atomic BIFF records contained in this RecordAggregate in the order that they should be written to file. Implementors may or may not return the actual Records being used to manage POI's internal implementation. Callers should not assume either way, and therefore only attempt to modify those Records after cloning
        Specified by:
        visitContainedRecords in class RecordAggregate