Class ColumnInfoRecordsAggregate

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class ColumnInfoRecordsAggregate
    extends RecordAggregate
    implements java.lang.Cloneable
    • Constructor Detail

      • ColumnInfoRecordsAggregate

        public ColumnInfoRecordsAggregate()
        Creates an empty aggregate
      • ColumnInfoRecordsAggregate

        public ColumnInfoRecordsAggregate​(RecordStream rs)
    • Method Detail

      • insertColumn

        public void insertColumn​(ColumnInfoRecord col)
        Inserts a column into the aggregate (at the end of the list).
      • visitContainedRecords

        public void visitContainedRecords​(RecordAggregate.RecordVisitor rv)
        Description copied from class: RecordAggregate
        Visit each of the atomic BIFF records contained in this RecordAggregate in the order that they should be written to file. Implementors may or may not return the actual Records being used to manage POI's internal implementation. Callers should not assume either way, and therefore only attempt to modify those Records after cloning
        Specified by:
        visitContainedRecords in class RecordAggregate
      • collapseColumn

        public void collapseColumn​(int columnIndex)
      • expandColumn

        public void expandColumn​(int columnIndex)
      • setColumn

        public void setColumn​(int targetColumnIx,
                              java.lang.Short xfIndex,
                              java.lang.Integer width,
                              java.lang.Integer level,
                              java.lang.Boolean hidden,
                              java.lang.Boolean collapsed)
      • groupColumnRange

        public void groupColumnRange​(int fromColumnIx,
                                     int toColumnIx,
                                     boolean indent)
        Creates an outline group for the specified columns, by setting the level field for each col info record in the range. ColumnInfoRecords may be created, split or merged as a result of this operation.
        fromColumnIx - group from this column (inclusive)
        toColumnIx - group to this column (inclusive)
        indent - if true the group will be indented by one level, if false indenting will be decreased by one level.
      • findColumnInfo

        public ColumnInfoRecord findColumnInfo​(int columnIndex)
        Finds the ColumnInfoRecord which contains the specified columnIndex
        columnIndex - index of the column (not the index of the ColumnInfoRecord)
        null if no column info found for the specified column
      • getMaxOutlineLevel

        public int getMaxOutlineLevel()
      • getOutlineLevel

        public int getOutlineLevel​(int columnIndex)
      • getMinColumnIndex

        public int getMinColumnIndex()
      • getMaxColumnIndex

        public int getMaxColumnIndex()