Class ValueRecordsAggregate

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class ValueRecordsAggregate
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.lang.Iterable<CellValueRecordInterface>
    Aggregate value records together. Things are easier to handle that way.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ValueRecordsAggregate

        public ValueRecordsAggregate()
        Creates a new instance of ValueRecordsAggregate
    • Method Detail

      • removeAllCellsValuesForRow

        public void removeAllCellsValuesForRow​(int rowIndex)
      • getPhysicalNumberOfCells

        public int getPhysicalNumberOfCells()
      • getFirstCellNum

        public int getFirstCellNum()
      • getLastCellNum

        public int getLastCellNum()
      • addMultipleBlanks

        public void addMultipleBlanks​(MulBlankRecord mbr)
      • getRowCellBlockSize

        public int getRowCellBlockSize​(int startRow,
                                       int endRow)
        Tallies a count of the size of the cell records that are attached to the rows in the range specified.
      • rowHasCells

        public boolean rowHasCells​(int row)
        Returns true if the row has cells attached to it
      • updateFormulasAfterRowShift

        public void updateFormulasAfterRowShift​(FormulaShifter shifter,
                                                int currentExternSheetIndex)
      • clone

        public java.lang.Object clone()