Class ChartFormatRecord

  • public final class ChartFormatRecord
    extends StandardRecord
    Class ChartFormatRecord (0x1014)

    (As with all chart related records, documentation is lacking. See ChartRecord for more details)

    • Constructor Detail

      • ChartFormatRecord

        public ChartFormatRecord()
    • Method Detail

      • toString

        public String toString()
        Description copied from class: Record
        get a string representation of the record (for biffview/debugging)
        toString in class Record
      • getSid

        public short getSid()
        Description copied from class: Record
        return the non static version of the id for this record.
        Specified by:
        getSid in class Record
        he id for this record
      • getXPosition

        public int getXPosition()
      • setXPosition

        public void setXPosition​(int xPosition)
      • getYPosition

        public int getYPosition()
      • setYPosition

        public void setYPosition​(int yPosition)
      • getWidth

        public int getWidth()
      • setWidth

        public void setWidth​(int width)
      • getHeight

        public int getHeight()
      • setHeight

        public void setHeight​(int height)
      • getVaryDisplayPattern

        public boolean getVaryDisplayPattern()
      • setVaryDisplayPattern

        public void setVaryDisplayPattern​(boolean value)