Class HwmfDraw

  • public class HwmfDraw
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Nested Class Summary

      Nested Classes 
      Modifier and Type Class Description
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfArc
      The META_ARC record draws an elliptical arc.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfChord
      The META_CHORD record draws a chord, which is defined by a region bounded by the intersection of an ellipse with a line segment.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfEllipse
      The META_ELLIPSE record draws an ellipse.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfFrameRegion
      The META_FRAMEREGION record draws a border around a specified region using a specified brush.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfLineTo
      The META_LINETO record draws a line from the drawing position that is defined in the playback device context up to, but not including, the specified point.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfMoveTo
      The META_MOVETO record sets the output position in the playback device context to a specified point.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfPie
      The META_PIE record draws a pie-shaped wedge bounded by the intersection of an ellipse and two radials.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfPolygon
      The META_POLYGON record paints a polygon consisting of two or more vertices connected by straight lines.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfPolyline
      The META_POLYLINE record draws a series of line segments by connecting the points in the specified array.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfPolyPolygon
      The META_POLYPOLYGON record paints a series of closed polygons.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfRectangle
      The META_RECTANGLE record paints a rectangle.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfRoundRect
      The META_ROUNDRECT record paints a rectangle with rounded corners.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfSelectObject
      The META_SELECTOBJECT record specifies a graphics object for the playback device context.
      static class  HwmfDraw.WmfSetPixel
      The META_RECTANGLE record paints a rectangle.
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      • HwmfDraw

        public HwmfDraw()