Class HwmfFill.WmfStretchBlt

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    public static class HwmfFill.WmfStretchBlt
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements HwmfRecord
    The META_STRETCHBLT record specifies the transfer of a block of pixels according to a raster operation, with possible expansion or contraction. The destination of the transfer is the current output region in the playback device context. There are two forms of META_STRETCHBLT, one which specifies a bitmap as the source, and the other which uses the playback device context as the source. Definitions follow for the fields that are the same in the two forms of META_STRETCHBLT are defined below. The subsections that follow specify the packet structures of the two forms of META_STRETCHBLT. The expansion or contraction is performed according to the stretching mode currently set in the playback device context, which MUST be a value from the StretchMode.
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      • WmfStretchBlt

        public WmfStretchBlt()
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      • init

        public int init​(LittleEndianInputStream leis,
                        long recordSize,
                        int recordFunction)
        Description copied from interface: HwmfRecord
        Init record from stream
        Specified by:
        init in interface HwmfRecord
        leis - the little endian input stream
        count of processed bytes
      • draw

        public void draw​(HwmfGraphics ctx)
        Description copied from interface: HwmfRecord
        Apply the record settings to the graphics context
        Specified by:
        draw in interface HwmfRecord
        ctx - the graphics context to modify