Class HwmfMisc

  • public class HwmfMisc
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Nested Class Summary

      Nested Classes 
      Modifier and Type Class Description
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfCreateBrushIndirect
      The META_CREATEBRUSHINDIRECT record creates a Brush Object from a LogBrush Object.
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfCreatePatternBrush  
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfCreatePenIndirect  
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfDeleteObject
      The META_DELETEOBJECT record deletes an object, including Bitmap16, Brush, DeviceIndependentBitmap, Font, Palette, Pen, and Region.
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfDibCreatePatternBrush
      The META_DIBCREATEPATTERNBRUSH record creates a Brush Object with a pattern specified by a DeviceIndependentBitmap (DIB) Object
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfRestoreDc
      The META_RESTOREDC record restores the playback device context from a previously saved device context.
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfSaveDc
      The META_SAVEDC record saves the playback device context for later retrieval.
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfSetBkColor
      The META_SETBKCOLOR record sets the background color in the playback device context to a specified color, or to the nearest physical color if the device cannot represent the specified color.
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfSetBkMode
      The META_SETBKMODE record defines the background raster operation mix mode in the playback device context.
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfSetLayout
      The META_SETLAYOUT record defines the layout orientation in the playback device context.
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfSetMapMode
      The META_SETMAPMODE record defines the mapping mode in the playback device context.
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfSetMapperFlags
      The META_SETMAPPERFLAGS record defines the algorithm that the font mapper uses when it maps logical fonts to physical fonts.
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfSetRelabs
      The META_SETRELABS record is reserved and not supported.
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfSetRop2
      The META_SETROP2 record defines the foreground raster operation mix mode in the playback device context.
      static class  HwmfMisc.WmfSetStretchBltMode
      The META_SETSTRETCHBLTMODE record defines the bitmap stretching mode in the playback device context.
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      • HwmfMisc

        public HwmfMisc()