Class HwmfPalette.WmfAnimatePalette

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    HwmfObjectTableEntry, HwmfRecord
    Enclosing class:

    public static class HwmfPalette.WmfAnimatePalette
    extends HwmfPalette.WmfPaletteParent
    The META_ANIMATEPALETTE record redefines entries in the logical palette that is defined in the playback device context with the specified Palette object The logical palette that is specified by the Palette object in this record is the source of the palette changes, and the logical palette that is currently selected into the playback device context is the destination. Entries in the destination palette with the PC_RESERVED PaletteEntryFlag set SHOULD be modified by this record, and entries with that flag clear SHOULD NOT be modified. If none of the entries in the destination palette have the PC_RESERVED flag set, then this record SHOULD have no effect.
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      • WmfAnimatePalette

        public WmfAnimatePalette()