Class CHPFormattedDiskPage

  • @Internal
    public final class CHPFormattedDiskPage
    extends FormattedDiskPage
    Represents a CHP fkp. The style properties for paragraph and character runs are stored in fkps. There are PAP fkps for paragraph properties and CHP fkps for character run properties. The first part of the fkp for both CHP and PAP fkps consists of an array of 4 byte int offsets that represent a Paragraph's or Character run's text offset in the main stream. The ending offset is the next value in the array. For example, if an fkp has X number of Paragraph's stored in it then there are (x + 1) 4 byte ints in the beginning array. The number X is determined by the last byte in a 512 byte fkp. CHP and PAP fkps also store the compressed styles(grpprl) that correspond to the offsets on the front of the fkp. The offset of the grpprls is determined differently for CHP fkps and PAP fkps.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CHPFormattedDiskPage

        public CHPFormattedDiskPage()
      • CHPFormattedDiskPage

        public CHPFormattedDiskPage​(byte[] documentStream,
                                    int offset,
                                    CharIndexTranslator translator)
        This constructs a CHPFormattedDiskPage from a raw fkp (512 byte array read from a Word file).
    • Method Detail

      • getCHPX

        public CHPX getCHPX​(int index)
      • getCHPXs

        public java.util.List<CHPX> getCHPXs()
      • fill

        public void fill​(java.util.List<CHPX> filler)
      • getOverflow

        public java.util.ArrayList<CHPX> getOverflow()