Class Grfhic

  • @Internal
    public class Grfhic
    extends GrfhicAbstractType
    The grfhic structure is a set of HTML incompatibility flags that specify the HTML incompatibilities of a list structure. The values specify possible incompatibilities between an LVL or LVLF and HTML lists. The values do not define list properties.

    Class and fields descriptions are quoted from [MS-DOC] -- v20110315 Word (.doc) Binary File Format specification

    This class is internal. It content or properties may change without notice due to changes in our knowledge of internal Microsoft Word binary structures.

    • Constructor Detail

      • Grfhic

        public Grfhic()
      • Grfhic

        public Grfhic​(byte[] bytes,
                      int offset)
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      • toByteArray

        public byte[] toByteArray()