Class PicturesTable

  • @Internal
    public final class PicturesTable
    extends Object
    Holds information about all pictures embedded in Word Document either via "Insert -> Picture -> From File" or via clipboard. Responsible for images extraction and determining whether some document's piece contains embedded image. Analyzes raw data bytestream 'Data' (where Word stores all embedded objects) provided by HWPFDocument. Word stores images as is within so called "Data stream" - the stream within a Word docfile containing various data that hang off of characters in the main stream. For example, binary data describing in-line pictures and/or formfields an also embedded objects-native data. Word picture structures are concatenated one after the other in the data stream if the document contains pictures. Data stream is easily reachable via HWPFDocument._dataStream property. A picture is represented in the document text stream as a special character, an Unicode  whose CharacterRun.isSpecial() returns true. The file location of the picture in the Word binary file is accessed via CharacterRun.getPicOffset(). The CharacterRun.getPicOffset() is a byte offset into the data stream. Beginning at the position recorded in picOffset, a header data structure, will be stored.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PicturesTable

        public PicturesTable​(HWPFDocument _document,
                             byte[] _dataStream,
                             byte[] _mainStream)
    • Method Detail

      • hasPicture

        public boolean hasPicture​(CharacterRun run)
        determines whether specified CharacterRun contains reference to a picture
        run -
      • hasEscherPicture

        public boolean hasEscherPicture​(CharacterRun run)
      • hasHorizontalLine

        public boolean hasHorizontalLine​(CharacterRun run)
        determines whether specified CharacterRun contains reference to a picture
        run -
      • extractPicture

        public Picture extractPicture​(CharacterRun run,
                                      boolean fillBytes)
        Returns picture object tied to specified CharacterRun
        run -
        fillBytes - if true, Picture will be returned with filled byte array that represent picture's contents. If you don't want to have that byte array in memory but only write picture's contents to stream, pass false and then use Picture.writeImageContent
        a Picture object if picture exists for specified CharacterRun, null otherwise. PicturesTable.hasPicture is used to determine this.
        See Also:
        Picture.writeImageContent(, hasPicture(org.apache.poi.hwpf.usermodel.CharacterRun)
      • getAllPictures

        public List<Picture> getAllPictures()
        Not all documents have all the images concatenated in the data stream although MS claims so. The best approach is to scan all character runs.
        a list of Picture objects found in current document