Class SavedByTable

  • @Internal
    public final class SavedByTable
    extends Object
    String table containing the history of the last few revisions ("saves") of the document. Read-only for the time being.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SavedByTable

        public SavedByTable​(byte[] tableStream,
                            int offset,
                            int size)
        Constructor to read the table from the table stream.
        tableStream - the table stream.
        offset - the offset into the byte array.
        size - the size of the table in the byte array.
    • Method Detail

      • getEntries

        public List<SavedByEntry> getEntries()
        Gets the entries. The returned list cannot be modified.
        the list of entries.
      • writeTo

        public void writeTo​(ByteArrayOutputStream tableStream)
                     throws IOException
        Writes this table to the table stream.
        tableStream - the table stream to write to.
        IOException - if an error occurs while writing.