Class Sttb

  • public class Sttb
    extends java.lang.Object
    The STTB is a string table that is made up of a header that is followed by an array of elements. The cData value specifies the number of elements that are contained in the array.

    Class and fields descriptions are quoted from [MS-DOC] -- v20121003 Word (.doc) Binary File Format; Copyright (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation; Release: October 8, 2012

    This class is internal. It content or properties may change without notice due to changes in our knowledge of internal Microsoft Word binary structures.

    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      Sttb​(byte[] buffer, int startOffset)  
      Sttb​(int cDataLength, byte[] buffer, int startOffset)  
      Sttb​(int cDataLength, java.lang.String[] data)  
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      void fillFields​(byte[] buffer, int startOffset)  
      java.lang.String[] getData()
      The definition of each STTB specifies the meaning of this field.
      int getSize()  
      byte[] serialize()  
      int serialize​(byte[] buffer, int offset)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • Sttb

        public Sttb​(byte[] buffer,
                    int startOffset)
      • Sttb

        public Sttb​(int cDataLength,
                    byte[] buffer,
                    int startOffset)
      • Sttb

        public Sttb​(int cDataLength,
                    java.lang.String[] data)
    • Method Detail

      • fillFields

        public void fillFields​(byte[] buffer,
                               int startOffset)
      • getData

        public java.lang.String[] getData()
        The definition of each STTB specifies the meaning of this field. If this STTB uses extended characters, the size of this field is 2*cchData bytes and it is a Unicode string unless otherwise specified by the STTB definition. If this STTB does not use extended characters, then the size of this field is cchData bytes and it is an ANSI string, unless otherwise specified by the STTB definition.
      • getSize

        public int getSize()
      • serialize

        public byte[] serialize()
      • serialize

        public int serialize​(byte[] buffer,
                             int offset)