Class POIXMLDocument

    • Method Detail

      • openPackage

        public static OPCPackage openPackage​(String path)
                                      throws IOException
        Wrapper to open a package, which works around shortcomings in java's this() constructor calls
        path - the path to the document
        the new OPCPackage
        IOException - if there was a problem opening the document
      • getPackage

        public OPCPackage getPackage()
        Get the assigned OPCPackage
        the assigned OPCPackage
      • getProperties

        public POIXMLProperties getProperties()
        Get the document properties. This gives you access to the core ooxml properties, and the extended ooxml properties.
        the document properties
      • getAllEmbeddedParts

        public abstract List<PackagePart> getAllEmbeddedParts()
                                                       throws OpenXML4JException
        Get the document's embedded files.
        the document's embedded files
        OpenXML4JException - if the embedded parts can't be determined
        POI 4.0.0
      • close

        public void close()
                   throws IOException
        Closes the underlying OPCPackage from which this document was read, if there is one

        Once this has been called, no further operations, updates or reads should be performed on the document.

        Specified by:
        close in interface AutoCloseable
        Specified by:
        close in interface Closeable
        IOException - for writable packages, if an IO exception occur during the saving process.
      • write

        public final void write​(OutputStream stream)
                         throws IOException
        Write out this document to an Outputstream. Note - if the Document was opened from a File rather than an InputStream, you must write out to a different file, overwriting via an OutputStream isn't possible. If stream is a FileOutputStream on a networked drive or has a high cost/latency associated with each written byte, consider wrapping the OutputStream in a BufferedOutputStream to improve write performance.
        stream - - the java OutputStream you wish to write the file to
        IOException - if anything can't be written.