Class ArcToCommand

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    public class ArcToCommand
    extends Object
    implements PathCommand
    ArcTo command within a shape path in DrawingML: <arcTo wR="wr" hR="hr" stAng="stAng" swAng="swAng"/>

    Where wr and wh are the height and width radiuses of the supposed circle being used to draw the arc. This gives the circle a total height of (2 * hR) and a total width of (2 * wR) stAng is the start angle and swAng is the swing angle

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      • execute

        public void execute​(Path2D.Double path,
                            Context ctx)
        Description copied from interface: PathCommand
        Execute the command an append a segment to the specified path
        Specified by:
        execute in interface PathCommand
        path - the path to append the result to
        ctx - the context to lookup variables