Interface PlaceholderDetails

    • Method Detail

      • setPlaceholder

        void setPlaceholder​(Placeholder placeholder)
        Specifies that the corresponding shape should be represented by the generating application as a placeholder. When a shape is considered a placeholder by the generating application it can have special properties to alert the user that they may enter content into the shape. Different types of placeholders are allowed and can be specified by using the placeholder type attribute for this element
        placeholder - The shape to use as placeholder or null if no placeholder should be set.
      • isVisible

        boolean isVisible()
      • setVisible

        void setVisible​(boolean isVisible)
      • getText

        java.lang.String getText()
        If the placeholder shape or object stores text, this text is returned otherwise null.
        the text of the shape / placeholder
        POI 4.0.0
      • setText

        void setText​(java.lang.String text)
        If the placeholder shape or object stores text, the given text is stored otherwise this is a no-op.
        text - the placeholder text
        POI 4.0.0