Interface ExcelExtractor

    • Method Detail

      • setIncludeSheetNames

        void setIncludeSheetNames​(boolean includeSheetNames)
        Should sheet names be included? Default is true
        includeSheetNames - true if the sheet names should be included
      • setFormulasNotResults

        void setFormulasNotResults​(boolean formulasNotResults)
        Should we return the formula itself, and not the result it produces? Default is false
        formulasNotResults - true if the formula itself is returned
      • setIncludeHeadersFooters

        void setIncludeHeadersFooters​(boolean includeHeadersFooters)
        Should headers and footers be included in the output? Default is true
        includeHeadersFooters - true if headers and footers should be included
      • setIncludeCellComments

        void setIncludeCellComments​(boolean includeCellComments)
        Should cell comments be included? Default is false
        includeCellComments - true if cell comments should be included
      • getText

        String getText()
        Retrieves the text contents of the file
        the text contents of the file