Interface RefEval

  • All Superinterfaces:
    SheetRange, ValueEval
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    LazyRefEval, RefEvalBase

    public interface RefEval
    extends ValueEval, SheetRange
    RefEval is the super interface for Ref2D and Ref3DEval. Basically a RefEval impl should contain reference to the original ReferencePtg or Ref3DPtg as well as the final "value" resulting from the evaluation of the cell reference. Thus if the Cell has type CellType.NUMERIC, the contained value object should be of type NumberEval; if cell type is CellType.STRING, contained value object should be of type StringEval
    • Method Detail

      • getInnerValueEval

        ValueEval getInnerValueEval​(int sheetIndex)
        the evaluated value of the cell referred to by this RefEval on the given sheet
      • getColumn

        int getColumn()
        returns the zero based column index.
      • getRow

        int getRow()
        returns the zero based row index.
      • getFirstSheetIndex

        int getFirstSheetIndex()
        returns the first sheet index this applies to
        Specified by:
        getFirstSheetIndex in interface SheetRange
      • getLastSheetIndex

        int getLastSheetIndex()
        returns the last sheet index this applies to, which will be the same as the first for a 2D and many 3D references
        Specified by:
        getLastSheetIndex in interface SheetRange
      • getNumberOfSheets

        int getNumberOfSheets()
        returns the number of sheets this applies to
      • offset

        AreaEval offset​(int relFirstRowIx,
                        int relLastRowIx,
                        int relFirstColIx,
                        int relLastColIx)
        Creates an AreaEval offset by a relative amount from this RefEval