Class EOMonth

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    public class EOMonth
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements FreeRefFunction
    Implementation for the Excel EOMONTH() function.

    EOMONTH() returns the date of the last day of a month..


    start_date is the starting date of the calculation months is the number of months to be added to start_date, to give a new date. For this new date, EOMONTH returns the date of the last day of the month. months may be positive (in the future), zero or negative (in the past).

    • Constructor Detail

      • EOMonth

        public EOMonth()
    • Method Detail

      • evaluate

        public ValueEval evaluate​(ValueEval[] args,
                                  OperationEvaluationContext ec)
        Specified by:
        evaluate in interface FreeRefFunction
        args - the pre-evaluated arguments for this function. args is never null, nor are any of its elements.
        ec - primarily used to identify the source cell containing the formula being evaluated. may also be used to dynamically create reference evals.
        never null. Possibly an instance of ErrorEval in the case of a specified Excel error (Exceptions are never thrown to represent Excel errors).