Class UnknownPtg

  • public class UnknownPtg
    extends Ptg
    • Constructor Detail

      • UnknownPtg

        public UnknownPtg​(int sid)
    • Method Detail

      • isBaseToken

        public boolean isBaseToken()
        Specified by:
        isBaseToken in class Ptg
        false if this token is classified as 'reference', 'value', or 'array'
      • getSize

        public int getSize()
        Specified by:
        getSize in class Ptg
        the encoded length of this Ptg, including the initial Ptg type identifier byte.
      • toFormulaString

        public String toFormulaString()
        Description copied from class: Ptg
        return a string representation of this token alone
        Specified by:
        toFormulaString in class Ptg