Interface ColorScaleFormatting

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    HSSFColorScaleFormatting, XSSFColorScaleFormatting

    public interface ColorScaleFormatting
    High level representation for the Color Scale / Colour Scale / Color Gradient Formatting component of Conditional Formatting settings
    • Method Detail

      • getNumControlPoints

        int getNumControlPoints()
        How many control points should be used to map the colours? Normally 2 or 3
      • setNumControlPoints

        void setNumControlPoints​(int num)
        Sets the number of control points to use to map the colours. Should normally be 2 or 3.

        After updating, you need to ensure that the Threshold count and Color count match

      • getColors

        Color[] getColors()
        Gets the list of colours that are interpolated between.
      • setColors

        void setColors​(Color[] colors)
        Sets the list of colours that are interpolated between. The number must match getNumControlPoints()