Class ArrayUtil

  • public class ArrayUtil
    extends Object
    Utility classes for dealing with arrays.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ArrayUtil

        public ArrayUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • arraycopy

        public static void arraycopy​(byte[] src,
                                     int src_position,
                                     byte[] dst,
                                     int dst_position,
                                     int length)
        This is really a debugging version of System.arraycopy(). Use it to provide better exception messages when copying arrays around. For production use it's better to use the original for speed.
      • arrayMoveWithin

        public static void arrayMoveWithin​(Object[] array,
                                           int moveFrom,
                                           int moveTo,
                                           int numToMove)
        Moves a number of entries in an array to another point in the array, shifting those inbetween as required.
        array - The array to alter
        moveFrom - The (0 based) index of the first entry to move
        moveTo - The (0 based) index of the positition to move to
        numToMove - The number of entries to move