Interface LittleEndianInput

    • Method Detail

      • available

        int available()
      • readByte

        byte readByte()
      • readUByte

        int readUByte()
      • readShort

        short readShort()
      • readUShort

        int readUShort()
      • readInt

        int readInt()
      • readLong

        long readLong()
      • readDouble

        double readDouble()
      • readFully

        void readFully​(byte[] buf)
      • readFully

        void readFully​(byte[] buf,
                       int off,
                       int len)
      • readPlain

        void readPlain​(byte[] buf,
                       int off,
                       int len)
        Usually acts the same as readFully(byte[], int, int), but for an encrypted stream the raw (unencrypted) data is filled
        buf - the byte array to receive the bytes
        off - the start offset into the byte array
        len - the amount of bytes to fill