Class XDGFBaseContents

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    XDGFMasterContents, XDGFPageContents

    public class XDGFBaseContents
    extends XDGFXMLDocumentPart
    Container of shapes for a page in a Visio diagram. Shapes are not necessarily literal shapes in the diagram, but is the term that is used to describe the basic elements that make up a Visio diagram.
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      • getXmlObject

        public getXmlObject()
      • draw

        public void draw​(java.awt.Graphics2D graphics)
        Draws the contents of a page onto a Graphics2D object
        graphics - The context to draw on.
      • getShapeById

        public XDGFShape getShapeById​(long id)
      • getShapesMap

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.Long,​XDGFShape> getShapesMap()
      • getShapes

        public java.util.Collection<XDGFShape> getShapes()
      • getTopLevelShapes

        public java.util.List<XDGFShape> getTopLevelShapes()
      • getConnections

        public java.util.List<XDGFConnection> getConnections()
      • visitShapes

        public void visitShapes​(ShapeVisitor visitor)
        Provides iteration over the shapes using the visitor pattern, and provides an easy way to convert shape coordinates into global coordinates