Class CustomIndexedColorMap

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    public class CustomIndexedColorMap
    extends Object
    implements IndexedColorMap
    custom index color map, i.e. from the styles.xml definition
    • Method Detail

      • getRGB

        public byte[] getRGB​(int index)
        Specified by:
        getRGB in interface IndexedColorMap
        index - color index to look up
        the RGB array for the index, or null if the index is invalid/undefined
      • fromColors

        public static CustomIndexedColorMap fromColors​(CTColors colors)
        OOXML spec says if this exists it must have all indexes.

        From the OOXML Spec, Part 1, section 18.8.27:

        This element contains a sequence of RGB color values that correspond to color indexes (zero-based). When using the default indexed color palette, the values are not written out, but instead are implied. When the color palette has been modified from default, then the entire color palette is written out.

        colors - CTColors from styles.xml possibly defining a custom color indexing scheme
        custom indexed color map or null if none defined in the document