Class XSSFHeaderFooterProperties

  • public class XSSFHeaderFooterProperties
    extends Object

    All Header/Footer properties for a sheet are scoped to the sheet. This includes Different First Page, and Different Even/Odd. These properties can be set or unset explicitly in this class. Note that while Scale With Document and Align With Margins default to unset, Different First, and Different Even/Odd are updated automatically as headers and footers are added and removed.

    • Constructor Detail

      • XSSFHeaderFooterProperties

        public XSSFHeaderFooterProperties​(CTHeaderFooter headerFooter)
        Create an instance of XSSFHeaderFooterProperties from the supplied XML bean
        headerFooter -
    • Method Detail

      • getHeaderFooter

        public CTHeaderFooter getHeaderFooter()
        Returns the underlying CTHeaderFooter xml bean
        the underlying CTHeaderFooter xml bean
      • getAlignWithMargins

        public boolean getAlignWithMargins()
        returns alignWithMargins attribute
      • getDifferentFirst

        public boolean getDifferentFirst()
        returns differentFirst attribute
      • getDifferentOddEven

        public boolean getDifferentOddEven()
        returns differentOddEven attribute
      • getScaleWithDoc

        public boolean getScaleWithDoc()
        returns scaleWithDoc attribute
      • setAlignWithMargins

        public void setAlignWithMargins​(boolean flag)
        set alignWithMargins attribute
      • setDifferentFirst

        public void setDifferentFirst​(boolean flag)
        set differentFirst attribute
      • setDifferentOddEven

        public void setDifferentOddEven​(boolean flag)
        set differentOddEven attribute
      • setScaleWithDoc

        public void setScaleWithDoc​(boolean flag)
        set scaleWithDoc attribute
      • removeAlignWithMargins

        public void removeAlignWithMargins()
        remove alignWithMargins attribute
      • removeDifferentFirst

        public void removeDifferentFirst()
        remove differentFirst attribute
      • removeDifferentOddEven

        public void removeDifferentOddEven()
        remove differentOddEven attribute
      • removeScaleWithDoc

        public void removeScaleWithDoc()
        remove scaleWithDoc attribute