Class XSSFVMLDrawing

  • public final class XSSFVMLDrawing
    extends POIXMLDocumentPart
    Represents a SpreadsheetML VML drawing.

    In Excel 2007 VML drawings are used to describe properties of cell comments, although the spec says that VML is deprecated:

    The VML format is a legacy format originally introduced with Office 2000 and is included and fully defined in this Standard for backwards compatibility reasons. The DrawingML format is a newer and richer format created with the goal of eventually replacing any uses of VML in the Office Open XML formats. VML should be considered a deprecated format included in Office Open XML for legacy reasons only and new applications that need a file format for drawings are strongly encouraged to use preferentially DrawingML

    Warning - Excel is known to put invalid XML into these files! For example, >br< without being closed or escaped crops up.

    See 6.4 VML - SpreadsheetML Drawing in Office Open XML Part 4 - Markup Language Reference.pdf
    • Method Detail

      • findCommentShape

        public findCommentShape​(int row,
                                                                  int col)
        Find a shape with ClientData of type "NOTE" and the specified row and column
        the comment shape or null