Class ColumnHelper

  • public class ColumnHelper
    extends java.lang.Object
    Helper class for dealing with the Column settings on a CTWorksheet (the data part of a sheet). Note - within POI, we use 0 based column indexes, but the column definitions in the XML are 1 based!
    • Constructor Detail

      • ColumnHelper

        public ColumnHelper​(CTWorksheet worksheet)
    • Method Detail

      • cleanColumns

        public void cleanColumns()
      • addCleanColIntoCols

        public CTCols addCleanColIntoCols​(CTCols cols,
                                          CTCol newCol)
      • sortColumns

        public static void sortColumns​(CTCols newCols)
      • getColumn

        public CTCol getColumn​(long index,
                               boolean splitColumns)
        Returns the Column at the given 0 based index
      • getColumn1Based

        public CTCol getColumn1Based​(long index1,
                                     boolean splitColumns)
        Returns the Column at the given 1 based index. POI default is 0 based, but the file stores as 1 based.
      • columnExists

        public boolean columnExists​(CTCols cols,
                                    long index)
        Does the column at the given 0 based index exist in the supplied list of column definitions?
      • setColumnAttributes

        public void setColumnAttributes​(CTCol fromCol,
                                        CTCol toCol)
      • setColBestFit

        public void setColBestFit​(long index,
                                  boolean bestFit)
      • setCustomWidth

        public void setCustomWidth​(long index,
                                   boolean bestFit)
      • setColWidth

        public void setColWidth​(long index,
                                double width)
      • setColHidden

        public void setColHidden​(long index,
                                 boolean hidden)
      • setColDefaultStyle

        public void setColDefaultStyle​(long index,
                                       CellStyle style)
      • setColDefaultStyle

        public void setColDefaultStyle​(long index,
                                       int styleId)
      • getColDefaultStyle

        public int getColDefaultStyle​(long index)
      • getIndexOfColumn

        public int getIndexOfColumn​(CTCols cols,
                                    CTCol searchCol)