Class XWPFHyperlinkRun

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    CharacterRun, IRunElement, ISDTContents

    public class XWPFHyperlinkRun
    extends XWPFRun
    A run of text with a Hyperlink applied to it. Any given Hyperlink may be made up of multiple of these.
    • Method Detail

      • getAnchor

        public String getAnchor()
      • getHyperlinkId

        public String getHyperlinkId()
        Returns the ID of the hyperlink, if one is set.
      • setHyperlinkId

        public void setHyperlinkId​(String id)
      • getHyperlink

        public XWPFHyperlink getHyperlink​(XWPFDocument document)
        If this Hyperlink is an external reference hyperlink, return the object for it.