Class MediaRangeList

    • Constructor Detail

      • MediaRangeList

        public MediaRangeList​(HttpServletRequest request)
        Constructs a MediaRangeList using information from the supplied HttpServletRequest. if the request contains a PARAM_ACCEPT query parameter, the query parameter value overrides any HEADER_ACCEPT header value. If the request contains no PARAM_ACCEPT parameter, or the parameter value is empty, the value of the HEADER_ACCEPT is used. If both values are missing, it is assumed that the client accepts all media types, as per the RFC. See also MediaRangeList(java.lang.String)
        request - The HttpServletRequest to extract a MediaRangeList from
      • MediaRangeList

        public MediaRangeList​(String listStr)
        Constructs a MediaRangeList using a list of media ranges specified in a java.lang.String. The string is a comma-separated list of media ranges, as specified by the RFC.
        • text/*;q=0.3, text/html;q=0.7, text/html;level=1, text/html;level=2;q=0.4, */*;q=0.5
        • text/html;q=0.8, application/json
        listStr - The list of media range specifications
    • Method Detail

      • contains

        public boolean contains​(String mediaType)
        Determines if this MediaRangeList contains a given media type.
        mediaType - A string on the form type/subtype. Neither type or subtype should be wildcard (*).
        true if this MediaRangeList contains a media type that matches mediaType, false otherwise
        IllegalArgumentException - if mediaType is not on an accepted form
        NullPointerException - if mediaType is null
      • prefer

        public String prefer​(String... mediaRanges)
        Determines which of the mediaRanges specifications is preferred by this MediaRangeList.
        mediaRanges - String representations of MediaRanges. The strings must be on the form required by MediaRange(String)
        the toString() representation of the preferred MediaRange, or null if this MediaRangeList does not contain any of the mediaRanges
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