Class AbstractAuthenticationHandler

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      • AbstractAuthenticationHandler

        public AbstractAuthenticationHandler()
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      • getAttributeOrParameter

        public static String getAttributeOrParameter​(HttpServletRequest request,
                                                     String name,
                                                     String defaultValue)
        Returns the value of the named request attribute or parameter as a string as follows:
        1. If there is a request attribute of that name, which is a non-empty string, it is returned.
        2. If there is a non-empty request parameter of that name, this parameter is returned.
        3. Otherwise the defaultValue is returned.
        request - The request from which to return the attribute or request parameter
        name - The name of the attribute/parameter
        defaultValue - The default value to use if neither a non-empty string attribute or a non-empty parameter exists in the request.
        The attribute, parameter or defaultValue as defined above.
      • getLoginResource

        public static String getLoginResource​(HttpServletRequest request,
                                              String defaultLoginResource)
        Returns any resource target to redirect to after successful authentication. This method either returns a non-empty string or the defaultLoginResource parameter. First the resource request attribute is checked. If it is a non-empty string, it is returned. Second the resource request parameter is checked and returned if it is a non-empty string.
        request - The request providing the attribute or parameter
        defaultLoginResource - The default login resource value
        The non-empty redirection target or defaultLoginResource.
      • setLoginResourceAttribute

        public static String setLoginResourceAttribute​(HttpServletRequest request,
                                                       String defaultValue)
        Ensures and returns the Authenticator.LOGIN_RESOURCE request attribute is set to a non-null, non-empty string. If the attribute is not currently set, this method sets it as follows:
        1. If the Authenticator.LOGIN_RESOURCE request parameter is set to a non-empty string, that parameter is set
        2. Otherwise if the defaultValue is a non-empty string the default value is used
        3. Otherwise the attribute is set to "/"
        request - The request to check for the resource attribute
        defaultValue - The default value to use if the attribute is not set and the request parameter is not set. This parameter is ignored if it is null or an empty string.
        returns the value of resource request attribute
        1.0.2 (Bundle version 1.0.4)
      • sendRedirect

        public static void sendRedirect​(HttpServletRequest request,
                                        HttpServletResponse response,
                                        String target,
                                        Map<String,​String> params)
                                 throws IOException
        Redirects to the given target path appending any parameters provided in the parameter map.

        This method implements the following functionality:

        • The target path is prefixed with the request's context path to ensure proper redirection into the same web application. Therefore the target path parameter must not be prefixed with the context path.
        • If the params map does not contain a (non- null) value for the resource entry, such an entry is generated from the request URI and the (optional) query string of the given request.
        • The parameters from the params map or at least a single resource parameter are added to the target path for the redirect. Each parameter value is encoded using the with UTF-8 encoding to make it safe for requests
        request - The request object used to get the current request URI and request query string if the params map does not have the resource parameter set.
        response - The response used to send the redirect to the client.
        target - The target path to redirect the client to. This parameter must not be prefixed with the request's context path because this will be added by this method. If this parameter is not a valid target request as per the isRedirectValid(HttpServletRequest, String) method the target is modified to be the root of the request's context.
        params - The map of parameters to be added to the target path. This may be null.
        IOException - If an error occurs sending the redirect request
        IllegalStateException - If the response was committed or if a partial URL is given and cannot be converted into a valid URL
        InternalError - If the UTF-8 character encoding is not supported by the platform. This should not be caught, because it is a real problem if the encoding required by the specification is missing.
        1.0.2 (Bundle version 1.0.4), 1.0.4 (bundle version 1.0.8) the target is validated with the AuthUtil.isRedirectValid(HttpServletRequest, String) method.
      • isValidateRequest

        public static boolean isValidateRequest​(HttpServletRequest request)
        Returns true if the the client just asks for validation of submitted username/password credentials.

        This implementation returns true if the request parameter AuthConstants.PAR_J_VALIDATE is set to true (case-insensitve). If the request parameter is not set or to any value other than true this method returns false.

        request - The request to provide the parameter to check
        true if the AuthConstants.PAR_J_VALIDATE parameter is set to true.
        1.0.2 (Bundle version 1.0.4)