Interface ContentAwareMimeTypeService

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    public interface ContentAwareMimeTypeService
    extends MimeTypeService
    The ContentAwareMimeTypeService interface extends the MimeTypeService API for services which can detect mime types based on the content passed to them.

    The implementing services should rely on analyzing the content to ascertain the mime type. This interface may be implemented by bundles wishing to provide a mechanism to detect mime type based on the contents.

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      • getMimeType

        String getMimeType​(String filename,
                           InputStream contentStream)
                    throws IOException,
        filename - Used if content is null or if this service does not support content-based detection
        contentStream - Optional stream that points to the content to analyze, must support mark/reset.
        the mime type
        IllegalArgumentException - if contentStream does not support mark/reset
        IOException - if there's a problem reading the contentStream