Interface MimeTypeProvider

  • @ConsumerType
    public interface MimeTypeProvider
    The MimeTypeProvider interface defines an API for services which are asked for MIME type mappings for unknown MIME types or extensions.

    It is important to understand, that services registered with this interface are only called as a last resort and that the first service asked and replying with a non-null answer wins. Specifically if a MIME type mapping is configured by default or as an extension to the MIME type service, MimeTypeProvider services are not queried.

    This interface may be implemented by bundles wishing to provide control over how extensions are mapped to MIME types and vice-versa.

    • Method Detail

      • getMimeType

        String getMimeType​(String name)
        Returns the MIME type of the extension of the given name. The extension is the part of the name after the last dot. If the name does not contain a dot, the name as a whole is assumed to be the extension.
        name - The name for which the MIME type is to be returned.
        The MIME type for the extension of the name. If the extension cannot be mapped to a MIME type or name is null, null is returned.
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      • getExtension

        String getExtension​(String mimeType)
        Returns the primary name extension to which the given mimeType maps. The returned extension must map to the given mimeType when fed to the getMimeType(String) method. In other words, the expression mimeType.equals(getMimeType(getExtension(mimeType))) must always be true for any non-null MIME type.

        A MIME type may be mapped to multiple extensions (e.g. text/plain to txt, log, ...). This method is expected to returned one of those extensions. It is up to the implementation to select an appropriate extension if multiple mappings exist for a single MIME type.

        mimeType - The MIME type whose primary extension is requested.
        A extension which maps to the given MIME type or null if no such mapping exists.
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