Interface LocaleResolver

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    public interface LocaleResolver
    The RequestLocaleResolver should be used instead.
    The LocaleResolver service interface may be implemented by a service registered under this name to allow the resolution of the request Locale to apply.

    This interface is intended to be implemented by providers knowing how to resolve one or more Locales applicable to handle the request.

    Only a single LocaleResolver service is currently used.

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      • resolveLocale

        java.util.List<java.util.Locale> resolveLocale​(SlingHttpServletRequest request)
        Return a non-null but possiby empty list of Locale instances to consider for localization of the current request. The list returned is assumed to be ordered by preference where the first entry is the prefered Locale and the last entry is the least prefered Locale.

        Returning an empty list is equivalent to returning a singleton list whose single entry is the ResourceBundleProvider.getDefaultLocale().

        request - The SlingHttpServletRequest providing hints and information for the Locale resolution.
        The list of Locales to use for internationalization of request processing