Annotation Type SlingObject

    public @interface SlingObject
    Injects common Sling objects that can be derived from either a SlingHttpServletRequest, a ResourceResolver or a Resource.

    The injection is class-based.

    Supports the following objects:
    Class Description Request ResourceResolver Resource
    ResourceResolver Resource resolver X X X
    Resource Resource X X
    SlingHttpServletRequest Sling request X
    SlingHttpServletResponse Sling response X
    SlingScriptHelper Sling script helper X
    • Element Detail

      • optional

        boolean optional
        If set to true, the model can be instantiated even if there is no request attribute with the given name found. Default = false.
      • injectionStrategy

        InjectionStrategy injectionStrategy
        if set to REQUIRED injection is mandatory, if set to OPTIONAL injection is optional, in case of DEFAULT the standard annotations (Optional, Required) are used. If even those are not available the default injection strategy defined on the Model applies. Default value = DEFAULT.