Interface TransformerFactory

  • public interface TransformerFactory
    The TransformerFactory is a service which creates Transformers on demand. The created transformers form the middle part of the rewriter pipeline. The factories itself are not chained but the resulting transformers are. On each pipeline call new instances are created. The factory is referenced using a service property named 'pipeline.type'. Each factory should have a unique value for this property. With the optional property 'pipeline.mode' set to the value 'global' the transformer is used for each and every pipeline regardless of the actual configuration for this pipeline. All available global transformers with a service ranking below zero are chained right after the generator. All available global transformers with a service ranking higher or equal to zero are chained right before the serializer. Therefore the property "service.ranking" should be used for the factory in combination with 'pipeline.mode'. To be compatible with possible future uses of the 'pipeline.mode' property, it should only be used with the value 'global'.
    • Method Detail

      • createTransformer

        Transformer createTransformer()
        Create a new transformer for the pipeline.
        A new transformer.