Interface BindingsValuesProvidersByContext

  • public interface BindingsValuesProvidersByContext
    Provides BindingsValuesProvider for specific contexts, based on their "context" service property.
    • Method Detail

      • getBindingsValuesProviders

        Collection<BindingsValuesProvider> getBindingsValuesProviders​(ScriptEngineFactory scriptEngineFactory,
                                                                      String context)
        Retrieve the current BindingsValuesProvider for the supplied ScriptEngineFactory and context.
        scriptEngineFactory - metadata of the ScriptEngine that's being used
        context - Only BindingsValuesProviders that have this value in their CONTEXT service property are considered. For backwards compatibility, BindingsValuesProviders which do not have a CONTEXT service property are considered to have CONTEXT=request.
        The returned Collection of BindingsValuesProvider is sorted so as to give preference to more specific BindingsValuesProvider over those that match a ScriptEngineFactory property, for example, in the same way that the SlingScriptAdapterFactory did before this service was implemented.