Interface ScriptingResourceResolverProvider

  • @ProviderType
    public interface ScriptingResourceResolverProvider
    The ScriptingResourceResolverProvider provides methods to obtain ResourceResolvers that can be used by scripting bundles to perform their script resolution operations.
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      • getRequestScopedResourceResolver

        ResourceResolver getRequestScopedResourceResolver()

        Provides a request-scoped ResourceResolver with only read access to the search paths.

        This resolver should be used for script resolution in the context of the same request rendering process. The ResourceResolver should not be closed by consumers (calling ResourceResolver.close() doesn't do anything), since this service will handle the closing operation automatically. The ResourceResolver will be shared between scripting dependencies that render parts of the response for the same request.

        NOTE: Usage of this ResourceResolver outside of a Servlet Request API context might lead to improper cleaning (e.g. reusing the same resolver for multiple threads).

        a request scoped resource resolver