Class TagUtil

  • public final class TagUtil
    extends java.lang.Object
    The TagUtil class provides a series of utility methods which may be used by tag library implementations to access Component API specific objects and do other processing.
    • Method Detail

      • log

        public static void log​(Logger log,
                               PageContext pageContext,
                               java.lang.String message,
                               java.lang.Throwable t)
        Log an INFO message to the given logger with context information from the pageContext.
        log - The SLF4J Logger to use for writing the message.
        pageContext - The JSP page context providing contextual information for the log message.
        message - The message to log. If this is null, the message of the exception is taken, unless the expression is alos null, in which case this method just logs nothing.
        t - The exception to be logged alongside the message. This may be null. If this is a ServletException it is unwrapped by the getRootCause(ServletException) method before being used.
      • getRootCause

        public static java.lang.Throwable getRootCause​(ServletException e)
        Unwrap a component exception to get the true root cause of an exception