Interface SlingPostProcessor

  • public interface SlingPostProcessor
    The SlingPostProcessor interface defines a service API to be implemented by service providers extending the Sling default POST servlet. Service providers may register OSGi services of this type to be used by the Sling default POST servlet to handle specific operations.

    During a request the SlingPostOperation service is called with a list of registered post processors. After the operation has performed its changes but before the changes are persisted, all post processors are called.

    • Method Detail

      • process

        void process​(SlingHttpServletRequest request,
                     java.util.List<Modification> changes)
              throws java.lang.Exception
        Process the current request. The post processor can inspect the list of changes and perform additional changes. If the processor performs a change it should make the change and add a Modification object to the changes list.
        request - The current request.
        changes - The list of changes for this request.
        java.lang.Exception - If an error occurs.