Interface TenantProvider

    • Method Detail

      • getTenant

        Tenant getTenant​(java.lang.String tenantId)
        Returns the Tenant with the given tenantId or null if no such tenant exists.
      • getTenants

        java.util.Iterator<Tenant> getTenants()
        Returns an iterator of all tenants known to this provider. If no tenants are known the iterator is empty.

        This method is equivalent to calling getTenants(String) with null or an empty string.

      • getTenants

        java.util.Iterator<Tenant> getTenants​(java.lang.String tenantFilter)
        Returns an iterator of tenants matching the given tenantFilter.

        The tenantFilter is a valid OSGi filter string as defined in Section 3.2.6, Filter Syntax, of the OSGi Core Specification, Release 4 or null to return all tenants.

        Calling this method with an empty string or null is equivalent to calling the getTenants() method and returns all tenants.

        If no tenants match the tenantFilter the iterator is empty. null is never returned.

        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if filter syntax is invalid. A more detailed exception may be wrapped by the exception.