Class QueryTag

    • Constructor Detail

      • QueryTag

        public QueryTag()
        Constructs a new QueryTag. As with TagSupport, subclasses should not provide other constructors and are expected to call the superclass constructor
    • Method Detail

      • setDataSource

        public void setDataSource​(java.lang.Object dataSource)
      • setStartRow

        public void setStartRow​(int startRow)
        The index of the first row returned can be specified using startRow.
      • setMaxRows

        public void setMaxRows​(int maxRows)
        Query result can be limited by specifying the maximum number of rows returned.
      • setSql

        public void setSql​(java.lang.String sql)
        Setter method for the SQL statement to use for the query. The statement may contain parameter markers (question marks, ?). If so, the parameter values must be set using nested value elements.