Interface AccessPermissions

  • public interface AccessPermissions
    Until we can find a common standard, we'll use these options. They were mostly derived from PDFBox's AccessPermission, but some can apply to other document formats, especially CAN_MODIFY and FILL_IN_FORM.
    • Field Detail

      • CAN_MODIFY

        static final Property CAN_MODIFY
        Can any modifications be made to the document

        static final Property EXTRACT_CONTENT
        Should content be extracted, generally.

        static final Property EXTRACT_FOR_ACCESSIBILITY
        Should content be extracted for the purposes of accessibility.

        static final Property ASSEMBLE_DOCUMENT
        Can the user insert/rotate/delete pages.
      • FILL_IN_FORM

        static final Property FILL_IN_FORM
        Can the user fill in a form

        static final Property CAN_MODIFY_ANNOTATIONS
        Can the user modify annotations
      • CAN_PRINT

        static final Property CAN_PRINT
        Can the user print the document

        static final Property CAN_PRINT_DEGRADED
        Can the user print an image-degraded version of the document.