Interface XMP

  • public interface XMP
    • Field Detail


        static final Property CREATE_DATE
        The date and time the resource was created. For a digital file, this need not match a file-system creation time. For a freshly created resource, it should be close to that time, modulo the time taken to write the file. Later file transfer, copying, and so on, can make the file-system time arbitrarily different.

        static final Property CREATOR_TOOL
        The name of the first known tool used to create the resource.

        static final Property IDENTIFIER
        An unordered array of text strings that unambiguously identify the resource within a given context. An array item may be qualified with xmpidq:Scheme (see 8.7, “xmpidq namespace”) to denote the formal identification system to which that identifier conforms.
      • LABEL

        static final Property LABEL
        A word or short phrase that identifies a resource as a member of a userdefined collection.

        static final Property METADATA_DATE
        The date and time that any metadata for this resource was last changed. It should be the same as or more recent than xmp:ModifyDate

        static final Property MODIFY_DATE
        The date and time the resource was last modified.
      • RATING

        static final Property RATING
        A user-assigned rating for this file. The value shall be -1 or in the range [0..5], where -1 indicates “rejected” and 0 indicates “unrated”. If xmp:Rating is not present, a value of 0 should be assumed.