Interface XMPMM

  • public interface XMPMM
    • Field Detail

      • PREFIX_

        static final java.lang.String PREFIX_
        The xmpMM prefix followed by the colon delimiter
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        Constant Field Values

        static final Property DOCUMENTID
        The common identifier for all versions and renditions of a resource.

        static final Property INSTANCEID
        An identifier for a specific incarnation of a resource, updated each time a file is saved.

        static final Property ORIGINAL_DOCUMENTID
        The common identifier for the original resource from which the current resource is derived. For example, if you save a resource to a different format, then save that one to another format, each save operation should generate a new xmpMM:DocumentID that uniquely identifies the resource in that format, but should retain the ID of the source file here.

        static final Property RENDITION_CLASS
        The rendition class name for this resource. This property should be absent or set to default for a resource that is not a derived rendition

        static final Property RENDITION_PARAMS
        Can be used to provide additional rendition parameters that are too complex or verbose to encode in xmpMM:RenditionClass

        static final Property HISTORY_EVENT_INSTANCEID
        Instance id in the XMPMM's history section

        static final Property HISTORY_ACTION
        Action in the XMPMM's history section

        static final Property HISTORY_WHEN
        When the action occurred in the XMPMM's history section

        static final Property HISTORY_SOFTWARE_AGENT
        Software agent that created the action in the XMPMM's history section

        static final Property DERIVED_FROM_DOCUMENTID
        Document id for the document that this document was derived from

        static final Property DERIVED_FROM_INSTANCEID
        Instance id for the document instance that this document was derived from