Class InputStreamDigester

    • Constructor Detail

      • InputStreamDigester

        public InputStreamDigester​(int markLimit,
                                   String algorithm,
                                   String algorithmKeyName,
                                   DigestingParser.Encoder encoder)
        markLimit - limit in bytes to allow for mark/reset. If the inputstream is longer than this limit, the stream will be reset and then spooled to a temporary file. Throws IllegalArgumentException if < 0.
        algorithm - name of the digest algorithm to retrieve from the Provider
        algorithmKeyName - name of the algorithm to store as part of the key in the metadata when digest(InputStream, Metadata, ParseContext) is called
        encoder - encoder to convert the byte array returned from the digester to a string
    • Method Detail

      • digest

        public void digest​(InputStream is,
                           Metadata metadata,
                           ParseContext parseContext)
                    throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: DigestingParser.Digester
        Digests an InputStream and sets the appropriate value(s) in the metadata. The Digester is also responsible for marking and resetting the stream.

        The given stream is guaranteed to support the mark feature and the detector is expected to mark the stream before reading any bytes from it, and to reset the stream before returning. The stream must not be closed by the detector.

        Specified by:
        digest in interface DigestingParser.Digester
        is - InputStream to digest. Best to use a TikaInputStream because of potential need to spool to disk. InputStream must support mark/reset.
        metadata - metadata in which to store the digest information
        parseContext - ParseContext -- not actually used yet, but there for future expansion
        IOException - on IO problem or IllegalArgumentException if algorithm couldn't be found