Class ID3Tags.ID3Comment

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static class ID3Tags.ID3Comment
    extends Object
    Represents a comments in ID3 (especially ID3 v2), where are made up of several parts
    • Constructor Detail

      • ID3Comment

        public ID3Comment​(String id3v1Text)
        Creates an ID3 v1 style comment tag
      • ID3Comment

        public ID3Comment​(String language,
                          String description,
                          String text)
        Creates an ID3 v2 style comment tag
    • Method Detail

      • getLanguage

        public String getLanguage()
        Gets the language, if present
      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()
        Gets the description, if present
      • getText

        public String getText()
        Gets the text, if present