Interface SchemaTypeLoader

    • Method Detail

      • findType

        SchemaType findType​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Returns the type with the given name, or null if none.
      • findDocumentType

        SchemaType findDocumentType​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Returns the document type rooted at the given element name, or null if none.
      • findAttributeType

        SchemaType findAttributeType​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Returns the attribute type containing the given attribute name, or null if none.
      • findElement

        SchemaGlobalElement findElement​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Returns the global element defintion with the given name, or null if none.
      • findAttribute

        SchemaGlobalAttribute findAttribute​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Returns the global attribute defintion with the given name, or null if none.
      • findModelGroup

        SchemaModelGroup findModelGroup​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Returns the model group defintion with the given name, or null if none.
      • findAttributeGroup

        SchemaAttributeGroup findAttributeGroup​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Returns the attribute group defintion with the given name, or null if none.
      • isNamespaceDefined

        boolean isNamespaceDefined​(java.lang.String namespace)
        True if the typeloader contains any definitions in the given namespace.
      • findTypeRef

        SchemaType.Ref findTypeRef​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Used for on-demand loading.
      • findDocumentTypeRef

        SchemaType.Ref findDocumentTypeRef​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Used for on-demand loading.
      • findAttributeTypeRef

        SchemaType.Ref findAttributeTypeRef​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Used for on-demand loading.
      • findElementRef

        SchemaGlobalElement.Ref findElementRef​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Used for on-demand loading.
      • findAttributeRef

        SchemaGlobalAttribute.Ref findAttributeRef​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Used for on-demand loading.
      • findModelGroupRef

        SchemaModelGroup.Ref findModelGroupRef​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Used for on-demand loading.
      • findAttributeGroupRef

        SchemaAttributeGroup.Ref findAttributeGroupRef​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Used for on-demand loading.
      • findIdentityConstraintRef

        SchemaIdentityConstraint.Ref findIdentityConstraintRef​(javax.xml.namespace.QName name)
        Used for on-demand loading.
      • typeForSignature

        SchemaType typeForSignature​(java.lang.String signature)
        Finds a type for a given signature string
      • typeForClassname

        SchemaType typeForClassname​(java.lang.String classname)
        Finds a type for a given fully-qualified XML Bean classname
      • getSourceAsStream getSourceAsStream​(java.lang.String sourceName)
        Loads original XSD source as a stream. See SchemaComponent.getSourceName().
      • newDomImplementation

        org.w3c.dom.DOMImplementation newDomImplementation​(XmlOptions options)
        Returns a DOMImplementation.