Class JavadocClassBuilder

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      • JavadocClassBuilder

        public JavadocClassBuilder()
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      • init

        public void init​(ElementContext ctx)
        Description copied from class: JamClassBuilder
        This method is called by JAM to initialize this class builder. Extending classes can override this to perform additional initialization work (just remember to call super.init()!).
        init in class JamClassBuilder
      • build

        public MClass build​(String packageName,
                            String className)
        Description copied from class: JamClassBuilder

        This is called by JAM when it attempts to load a class. If the builder has access to an artifact (typically a java source or classfile) that represents the given type, it should call createClassToBuild() to get a new instance of MClass and then return it. No caching should be performed - if an MClass is going to be returned, it should be a new instance returned by createClassToBuild()

        If no artififact is available, the builder should just return null, signalling that other JamClassBuilders should attempt to build the class.

        Specified by:
        build in class JamClassBuilder
      • populate

        public void populate​(MClass dest)
        Description copied from interface: JamClassPopulator

        Called by JAM to 'fill out' an instance of a given MClass with things like methods and fields. The implementing builder is responsible for inspecting the source artifact (typically a source or class file) to call the appropriate createX methods on the given MClass.

        Specified by:
        populate in interface JamClassPopulator
      • addMethod

        public MMethod addMethod​(MClass dest,
                                 com.sun.javadoc.MethodDoc doc)
      • getFdFor

        public static String getFdFor​(com.sun.javadoc.Type t)
        Returns a classfile-style field descriptor for the given type. This has to be called to get a name for a javadoc type that can be used with Class.forName(), JRootContext.getClass(), or JClass.forName().
      • addSourcePosition

        public static void addSourcePosition​(MElement dest,
                                             com.sun.javadoc.Doc src)
      • addSourcePosition

        public static void addSourcePosition​(MElement dest,
                                             com.sun.javadoc.SourcePosition pos)